10 Reasons You Need to Learn About Mahjong

Why do so many people love playing mahjong? Is it difficult to learn?

Here we will give you 10 reasons to learn more about the game. 


1. It is a “wordless” language spoken by millions of people 

Mahjong is a game played by millions of people. Just like knowing the rules of football games, once you know that, you can start appreciating that and understand this common language spoken by so many people. 

2. It is a fun game that strikes a good balance between luck and skill

So many people love mah-jong because skill and experience count. However, even with good skill, luck still makes a big difference. It is these uncertainties that make the game so exciting.

3. It is neither too easy nor too difficult. 

If a game is too difficult, no one like to play it. If it is too easy, people get bored soon. Mahjong just got the right level of complexity that keep people playing it for hours. 

4. It makes people meet physically 

Today, we are very much attached to the screen. Not many things can bring people together around a table and chitchat for hours.

5. It is a great exercise for the mind

In playing mah-jong, one needs to remember the tiles, comes up with strategies, watch out for the happenings and score the result at the end. All these are great exercises for our minds and very good for old people to prevent dementia.  

6. It engages our hands and ears

In playing mahjong one needs to shuffle the tiles, stack them and draw them. Skilful players can even recognize a tile simply by wiping its surface. In the process, it creates sounds that wake people up and heat up parties. 

7. It is a window to Chinese words and culture

What do these tiles mean? Why do they all love this one? Why the game is often played on Chinese New Year. In coming videos, you will find the answers to these questions. Mahjong is a good window to peep into the Chinese language and culture.

8. It used to be a form of art and craft and becomes collectable 

Traditionally, tiles are carved by hand. These skills are now vanishing and old mahjong has become collectable. In the coming videos, we will introduce a few museums that collect mahjong. Luxury brands have also made special editions of mahjong.

9. It could be media for design and creativity

Mahjong with its rectangular shape, modular size and conventional graphic, could become good media for creativity. Special sets can be designed to express feelings, remember an occasion or even a tool to promote brands.

10. It carries history, symbols and meanings

Mahjong originated in China and has diversified into many forms in different places. They are marks of local history and culture. It has also become the theme for poems, songs and movies. Only if one knows the symbols and meanings behind that one can understand the famous mahjong scenes in Crazy Rich Asians.

So watch out for our coming videos for more interesting things about mahjong. We will explain the game in bite-size that you can digest and is easy to remember.

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