What We Offer

Mahjong Tile Coloring Workshop

A 1.5-hour classroom-size workshop to explore how mahjong is made and a hands-on coloring session.

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Mahjong 101 Masterclass

A 2-hour mahjong class to get the core fundamentals of the game.

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Giant Mahjong

Full set A4 size giant mahjongs to be the show-stopper of your event.

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Whatsapp: +852 6496 6393

電話號碼:+852 2546 3178

電子郵件: info@thehongkongroom.com

地址:香港特別行政區中環鴨巴甸街35號元創方4樓Glocal Mahjong,S405

營業時間(週一至週日):下午 2:30 - 晚上 7:00

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