Send this Mahjong VR Card to Someone You Miss


Do you miss someone very much?

Or do you miss a companion with who your friends and family have a lot of fun together?

Send this special card to him or her and let him explore around the table and see the Teddies, and know how much you miss him.

All you have to do is to copy and paste the link below in the description and share it with what’s app, WeChat or email.

If you want him or her to hear your voice and ask him to call you directly, you can follow me here to learn how to tailor-make a special VR card with your iPhone. 

Sorry that at this stage, the EasyVR app we used here only supports iPhones. When their Android version is ready, I will update this video further.

Now let’s start.

First, you need to record or collect the voice messages your want to send out ready in your iPhone. You also need to download our Teddy Bears 360 images for the card through the link given below into your phone. This card I created is now shared totally free of charge with you.

Then you need to download the EasyVR app from the App store. Again, it is free.

Next, you need to open an account like this. 

Then, you come to here and upload the Teddy Bears 360 image previously stored in your phone.  

Going into with picture, with this plus sign, you reach this menu to embed a voice message for a bear as a hotspot. You can also add this telephone or a what’s app icon and then fill in the number so that your friend can call or text you directly. 

Then you can repeat these steps for the other bears. 

If you want to share more, like adding a picture, a video or even writing in pdf, you can upgrade to a paid account and follow similar steps to embed these.

Now the card is done, it is time to share it. You get the link here and send it out directly with your smartphone through what’s app, WeChat or email. 

Isn’t it very easy? Hope you and your friends or family like it. 

In case you get lost somewhere or you want to learn more about the use of the EasyVR app, down below are the links to their tutorials. 

This is a new attempt for us to create another fun thing out of the mahjong theme. You will find a lot more interesting videos ranging from worlds created totally out of mahjong tiles, playing a set of giant mahjong, a quiz on Chinese idiom with mahjong, to a full luggage case of mahjong-related items. If you think we are really creative, please support us by liking and subscribing to our channel.

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